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New build snagging inspection surveys in Yorkshire & Lancashire
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Area of Operation

 We undertake snagging inspections throughout the North of England.


In Depth Report

 We have the in-depth knowledge and experience gained from over 40 years in the construction / property industry.


Fast Reports

We can undertake inspections quickly and our reports are issued within 2 working days of the inspection including photos of the defects identified.


When to Inspect

The ideal time to undertake the inspection is prior to legal completion once all the work has been completed. However a number of builders will not allow this citing “Company Policy”. The snagging inspection can, of course, be carried out post completion if this is the case.


On Going Support

Once the snagging report has been issued, we remain available by phone or email to provide you with ongoing support & advice.


We Work For You

 We only work for the purchasers of new build homes and not for house builders to avoid any conflict of interest.


About Snagging Inspections

  • We aim to provide a very professional and personal snagging inspection service for our Clients.


  • Snagging Inspections Limited is owned and operated by Timothy Fee who has over 40 years experience in the construction & property industry having previously been the Managing Director of one of the largest privately owned construction companies in the UK.


  • We undertake snagging inspections throughout the North of England .
  • Snagging 100% 100%
  • Experience 100% 100%
  • Customer Driven 100% 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%

Inspection Costs

Snagging Inspections have a range of prices depending on your requirements


  • 2 bed house £350
  • 3 bed house £390
  • 4 bed house £440
  • 5 bed house £490


  • 1 bed apartment £290
  • 2 bed apartment £310
  • 3 bed apartment £330

For other property types and floor areas over 2,500 ft2 – P.O.A


Payment terms

The above prices are inclusive of VAT

Payment is due in full immediately upon receipt of our Snagging Inspection Report
We offer a 5% discount if payment is made in full 7 days prior to the date of the inspection.
Payment made via PayPal or credit cards will be subject to a 3.5% surcharge to cover transaction expenses.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is “snagging”?
    Snagging is an expression used within the building industry to describe the process of defect identification in a property
    When should the inspection be undertaken?

    Ideally prior to legal completion. That way the builder has the time and opportunity to remedy snags before you move in. If that is not possible then it should be done as soon as possible after completion

    However the snagging inspection can take place at any time during the first 2 years of occupation

    Will the house builder allow access for a snagging inspection before legal completion?

    Some house builders have a policy of not allowing snagging inspections prior to legal completion.

    In that event, the inspection can be undertaken immediately after legal completion or indeed at any time in the first 2 years and it doesn’t affect the house builders liability for snags / defects. It is just more difficult for them to repair as they then have to work around you and your furniture.

    What if new snags come to light after the initial snagging?
    The builder is liable to repair all defects identified in the first 2 years so there is no limit on the number of lists that can be submitted

    As new defects become identified the original list can simply be updated and reissued

    What is the NHBC / Premier / LABC warranty?
    A building warranty is, in effect, an insurance policy by the builder which is aimed at protecting the purchaser (and their successors in title) for a period of 10 years against latent defects to their homes

    The builder is responsible for the first 2 years and provides cover for every defect within the house during that period

    In years 3 – 10 the warranty provider covers only structural defects

    This means that purchasers have only 2 years to identify, report and have remedied any defects in their home


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