Snagging Inspection in HARROGATE

When buying a new build, you expect to receive the dream home you paid for. An in-depth Harrogate snagging inspection will ensure that your new home is built to the high-quality standards that you expected.


You would believe that a new build home purchase would be flawless, but often this is not the case. Snags are the defects often found in new-build homes as a result of poor builder workmanship and materials. A snagging inspections survey checks thoroughly for all of these issues in your new-build home so that the housebuilder can rectify these faults. 


In this comprehensive guide, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about snagging inspections surveys.


A flaw found in your property after building work has been completed is known as a snag. A snag is typically an area that is damaged, unfinished, broken, non-compliant or not fitted properly. 

Many snags are simply minor and cosmetic. Common aesthetic snags include a cracked tile, scratched windows or a missing screw in a door handle. These may be minor defects but can worsen if left unamended. These defects can lead to more serious and expensive issues for the homeowner in the future. 

On a new build snagging survey, unfortunately, we don’t just raise concerns for aesthetic improvement. We often reveal fundamental issues and uncover more severe issues that have been missed. These include violations of building regulations and technical standards. Snagging inspections comply with building regulations and the warranty providers technical standards (NHBC, LABC or equivalent) to ensure all minor and major snags are identified.

If missed too late, such issues will leave the homeowner footing the bill rather than the developer making it right within their warranty period. The cost of a snagging inspections report will save you money in the future! Snagging inspections will scrutinise any area in breach of building regulations, everything that falls below high workmanship standards and any work that is not completed to specification.

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Having a snagging survey performed is more important than ever. Anyone buying a new build flat or house will benefit from a snagging inspection report. The meticulous defect identification carried out in the property can then be presented to your house builder to work through and fix the defects.

Our team have found, on average, well in excess of over 100 defects in new build homes in the Harrogate, Ripon and Knaresborough area. There is currently a rising demand for new build properties in this area, but this pressure on builders and skilled traders can cause quality to suffer due to poor workmanship.

Every new build needs a Snagging Inspections survey to find these faults and have them corrected to ensure your property is of the highest standard. A snagging inspections report and snagging list can ensure you save money in the long run as it prevents any defects from worsening down the line. Most crucially, it ensures you get the quality you were promised and paid for.


What is Involed with an inspection.

The snagging inspection will examine both the inside and outside your property. This includes but isn’t limited to checking brickwork, paintwork, groundworks, garages, vents, driveways, guttering, gardens, fences, pathways, roof, windows, ceilings, walls, tiles, grouting, doors, plumbing, electrics, stairs, flooring, heating, sockets, skirting boards, radiators, pipes, kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, loft spaces, taps and showers, toilets, insulation, units, worktops, and cupboards. 

We are always sure to check for high quality finished. Snags can include cracks, damages or decorative defects to woodwork, paint, tiling, chips and scratches in surfaces and glass. Our reports further check that all appliances, plug sockets, lighting, and heating are working. We make sure fittings are correctly fitted and working, taps, toilets and showers are not leaking, all surfaces are level, clean and unmarked, and all doors and windows open and close properly. It is essential to look for all these varieties of different defects to ensure your property is in the condition you expect. 


To ease any concern, currently due to the COVID pandemic, all Snagging Inspections are completed with PPE and social distancing to protect our staff and clients. During your snagging inspection, the snagging inspector will access your property. Checks, assessments, thermal imaging (if requested), tests, photographs and notes are made of all the defects found. Once it has been compiled, you will receive your Snagging Inspection report. Our clients can then contact the housebuilder with their snagging list for them to work through to rectify all faults.

The length of time for a snagging inspection completely depends on both the quality of the build and the property’s size. The average time to complete an apartment inspection is 2 hours, and an average 4-bed house is 4-5 hours. We aim to have all snagging reports emailed to the home buyer within 1 working day. However, for homes with extensive snags found, this can take a short time longer.

The average number of snags found differs from property to property. In our experience, Snagging Inspections have identified less than 50 snags and in excess of over 500 defects in any one property.


Snagging Inspections ongoing success within the Harrogate area continues to confirm and encourage our work and growth. We cover neighbouring areas of Harrogate such as Knaresborough, Ripon, Boroughbridge, Pateley Bridge and Masham, and the wider North Yorkshire area. 

Based in Yorkshire, Snagging Inspections Limited is owned and operated by Timothy Fee, who has over 40 years of experience in the construction and property industry, having previously been the Managing Director of one of the largest privately-owned construction companies in the UK. Enquire today to check availability in your area and schedule a Snagging Inspection for your new build property. Contact Snagging Inspections today to learn more about our snagging services, for further advice on snagging surveys, or to book your snagging inspection.

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